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Tehnologija je ključ optimizacije i uspjeha u turističkom poslovanju a otvorena pitanja su:

  • Kako najbolje iskoristiti suvremenu tehnologiju za učinkovitiju turističku uslugu?
  • Kako brendirati cijeli grad (Helsinki kao virtualni glavni grad svijeta)?
  • Koji su digitalni kanali oglašavanja  najbolji i zašto?
  • Utječe li (ne)primjena novih tehnologija na zaostajanje hrvatskog turizma?
  • Kako iskoristiti prednosti mobilnih plaćanja?
  • Kako svoju komunikaciju prilagoditi novim generacijama (millenialsima)?

Sailing in Croatia is like paradise

The Croatian coast is long and lobed, containing more than 1,185 islands, hiding a plethora of beautiful lagoons, cosy beaches, secluded caves and much more. It means effortless sailing with crystal-clear sea and gorgeous sightseeing.

Favourable weather conditions enhance the truly unique experience of sailing in Croatia, which also happens to be one of Europe's sunniest countries with over 2,700 hours of sun per year. The winds are perfect for sailing from April to November. 

Creative tourism


Secret Zagreb brings back some Zagreb stories back to life. Hope they will spark a wish in some of you to truly discover this capital... so melancholic, yet still underrated in terms of its uniqueness.”

— Iva Silla, founder of Secret Zagreb 

Video of the week


Check out this awesome video by Zagreb Convention Bureau published at the end of 2018. An excellent production, showcasing Zagreb’s capacities for organising meetings, all its cool festivals, exciting venues and incentive ideas. Enjoy!


Where to in Croatia


Recommend where to go, what to visit, which experience is must have?!

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Croatia from above


Cratian traveler and photographer Davor Rostuhar  spent seven years taking photos of Croatia's natural and cultural beauty, using aeroplanes, helicopters and drones. 

60 photos where presented in a traveling outdoor exhibition powered by solar energy that was seen by half a milion people in 11 towns in its first year.

Croatian beauties seen from Croatian perspective

Creative Croats we like to see on Youtube platform! No boring clips with this guy! #creativecroatia